your mom

i'm probably moving to ohio in may and it's a very scary thought but i can't wait to be out of the environment im in now and i can't wait to get into a new environment w someone that actually gives a shit about me

things r looking up. they're only gonna get harder from here but in the end it'll pay...

dang this place really died huh


crushes suck i hope i never have another one ever again unless the feeling is mutual and i have 0 competition
my game is so weak omg i fucking hate competition

i keep missing the tinys fml

i made new friends recently and one turned into a crush
and now him and one of my new friends are flirting so much in front of me
this is painful

there is no such thing as logging into lofter and only making one post

lmao i want to get a job but i have no idea how to even ask someone for an application or even who to ask wtf

my social skills are at an all time low some1 pls help
ppl say being a child at heart is a good thing but i think im actually a 8 yr old scared little grl afraid of everything and its not ok


white boys on kik sayin "your eyes r beautiful what ur cup size"

I got a new laptop and can now handle tiny lag-free so lets all tiny tonight yes

week 4 day 1

successfully dieting for officially 4 weeks!!! i've had 2 splurge days and thats ok, as long as i get back on track. B~) 

hello i like music